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Engineered with pro-level features and performance, the 12.3-effective-megapixel D300 combines brand new technologies with advanced features inherited from Nikon's newly announced D3 professional digital SLR camera to offer serious photographers remarkable performance combined with agility. ..
點讀套裝特點:*香港首套專為香港幼兒編制之點讀教材*兩文三語齊全(廣東話, 英式英語及標準普通話)*包括不同富香港本土特色之內容: 香港假期, 香港交通工具, 動植物及香港流行食物等*智能語言識別, 中英文可同時點讀*收錄超過1200個字詞, 發音達2000個以上*全域點讀系統, 不限點讀位置, 頁面任何文字圖片都可點讀發聲香港人設計..
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